Members Only website

In order to access the Ariel Owners Club Member's site, please use the username/password combination that is printed on page 2 (inside front cover) of your most recent copy of Cheval de fer.
Every member should receive this monthly magazine.

*** At present the new website also uses the username/password from the June 2021 copy of Cheval ***

This username and password combination is the same for all members.
It may change from time to time; so always use the latest copy of Cheval

Take me to the AOMCC Member's Area

It might be a good idea to bookmark the main page of the member's area (the screen seen after you click the link above and have entered the username/password) and save it in the favourites list of your internet browser.

If you are really stuck, then please contact the AOMCC webmaster or use the phone number in Cheval