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The AOMCC was formed at a meeting called for 3pm on Saturday 24 November 1951, at the famous Ace Café on the North Circular Road in London, by a small group of enthusiasts from the London area. A well-respected motor cycle journalist of the fifties (who used the pen name Nitor) wrote of it, "The Ariel Club is a vigorous club which truly spans the Globe."
This is still a good description of the AOMCC There are many events held each year and, although vastly increased in size since its formation, the AOMCC remains an informal and friendly club. Subscriptions are kept as low as possible and all club officers are unpaid volunteers.

There are branches throughout the UK, as well as 'social meets' and numerous overseas branches too. Being a branch member adds to the benefits of club membership but the unattached member is not forgotten.


All full members receive the monthly magazine Cheval de Fer. This includes technical articles, members' news, branch reports letter and photographs. Members wishing to buy or sell spares may advertise free of charge and the magazine also carries trade advertisements relevant to Ariels.

The club can also advise members on matters concerning the running and maintenance of their machines.
Spares organisers cater for the various models and the club also manufactures some difficult to obtain parts as well as dealing with technical queries.


Our archives include the original factory delivery records, works drawings as well as indexed technical articles from over 40 years back numbers of Cheval de Fer. We are able to supply dating certificates, from these factory records, and this Service is also available to non-members.